Mega Swagbucks Day – New Members Get 30 FREE Bucks For Joining (earn Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal Cash, + More)!


It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Yay! It’s Mega Swagbucks Day! That means you can earn double, triple, or MORE bucks for searching, watching short videos, playing games, and even printing and redeeming coupons and more! Plus, all new members who sign up for Swagbucks HERE will snag 30 FREE Swagbucks at signup!

What is Swagbucks?

If you’re looking to make a little extra money or awesome gift cards, you really should join Swagbucks! This is one of the best, if not, the best, search-driven rewards program ever! All I do is search (just like in Google) and that’s how I get my points! Plus … you can print coupons from your Swagbucks account and get 10 points for each one you redeem! Consider doing this and leaving coupons next to the products at the store for others to use (more points for you if you don’t buy or use that product)! Best yet, all it takes is 450 points to snag a $5 gift card. but they have a ton of other things you can score, too (like Paypal cash and tons more)!

New to Swagbucks? Score 30 FREE bucks when you follow these steps:

* Sign up here
* Install the toolbar (no worries, no spam or spyware), and get alerted everytime new points are available! Plus, you’ll snag extra points each time you open your browser!
* Use their search engine as your default and search for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Search for stuff you already know, like websites, etc. Just don’t search for the same thing overandoverandoverandover! They don’t like people who do that.
* Get points when you print and redeem your coupons via Swagbucks – 10 points for every single one, just for saving money :)

How to Earn Some Swag:

Clip & Redeem Coupons!

Like I said before, earn 10 points for every coupon you print and redeem via Swagbucks! That really adds up fast!

Use Swagbucks to SEARCH, instead of Google!

Search the web, just like you do in Google, and you’ll earn SB’s every few searches! Don’t forget, Friday’s are Mega Swagbuck Days! This is my fave way to snag easy points.

and lots more! It’s a fun way to earn a little extra spending cash :)
… click HERE to sign up!


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      It depends on what site you printed from. for example, if it’s a Bricks coupon, then there is a note in the fine print on how to have it mailed to you. Otherwise, try turning your printing off and back on again to reset it. Sometimes that works for me :)

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