How to Shop at Walgreens with Your Military or Senior Discount

Walgreens Military And Senior Discount

Walgreens Military and Senior Discounts

Did you know – you may be able to snag a sweet Military Discount at Walgreens! Please note – not all Walgreens participate, and some may do so on a different day!

You’ll score 15% OFF name-brand items as well as 20% OFF store brands at participating stores (most) – and this includes the Senior Discount as well! Plus, you can still use coupons, Balance Rewards and Register Rewards! Be sure to checkout at the Cosmetics counter if someone is available (Walgreens preference). You will need to have them take off the discount first, and then any coupons and savings after.

Remember, it is up to the individual store manager if they will offer the discount or not, and on what day. Most stores honor the discount on Tuesday.

You can view the Walgreens Coupon Policy HERE and even print out the Walgreens Instant Value Coupons HERE. And, have you signed up for Balance Rewards (BR’s) yet? You should! You’ll get a store card and even more possible freebies :)

Start saving with your Walgreens Military Discount!


  1. maria says

    Obviously some Walgreens choose to
    1- Not keep all their stores informed to offering Military discounts
    2-Choose not to do it. If one store might offer, why not all?
    3-Play dumb as which just what happened to my husband less than 30 minutes ago, he is also 100 % disabled, he served as an Military Police Officer, I was Military wife…So I just guess they toss this type of info out their and we can go in presuming the discount will occur when we ask, only to make US look like a couple of fools…
    Thank you Walgreens, you were one of our favorites to shop at because there were many nice deals even bought all of our Christmas gifts from you because we dislike Wal-Mart so much…
    Why this country is going to *hell in a handbasket!* not many care that so many Serve our Country so that there can be a business like Wal-Greens….
    Best wishes to you!
    A not so happy Wal-Greens shopper (family) anymore

  2. Eddy Pagan says

    I just came from Walgreens at Coamo, Puerto Rico and the pharmacy clerk did not know anything about military discount so she called her superviser.He called his manager Manuel Santos informing him that theres no discount for Veterans.I saw there was 10% discount at internet but unfortunately where I live does not apply

    • Thrifty Shopaholic says

      Aww bummer. It is always up to the manager’s discretion though.. Maybe you can talk to them and at least give them the idea! GL!

  3. RC says

    It’s definitely up to the location. The one in Lacey, WA offers a 25% discount on all their brand merchandise and 15% off all other brands on Thursdays as long as you show your military ID. You can combine coupons, sales AND the military discount too.

  4. Fred Grouell says

    12/2014 Live in Florida one of the 3 largest military retirement areas in the US. My store in Englewood Fl does not offer any discount to the military nor have they heard of such a discount. Guess we can pigeon hole them with Publix.

    • Thrifty Shopaholic says

      I’m sorry, Fred! It’s up to the individual store managers if they want to do this or not. I say talk to them about it and tell them what a WIN WIN it would be!!

  5. Trish says

    I have gone to several Walgreens that honor Military discounts. I was in Winter Springs fl. tonight and was told we never heard of it . Explained other do and was told well go over there then . This was upsetting, my husband is retired Military and I didn’t like the way he said we’ll go over there! He could have politely said some but not all honor it.

    • Thrifty Shopaholic says

      Trish – please consider writing to Walgreens Corporate about this issue. I truly believe in the power of customer service, and this cashier needs to retrained. Thank you for letting me know :)

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