Expired Coupons? Don’t Toss – Send to Military Families Overseas!

Expired Coupons for Military

Send Expired Coupons to Military Overseas

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, so I thought I’d go ahead and do a little post on the subject. A few readers have asked me about sending expired coupons overseas to military families to use.  Yes, those stationed overseas can use coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date at the Commissary and Exchanges, how cool is that!?!  So, don’t toss out your old coupons – “recycle” them and ship them to troops and/or family members instead.

A couple of overseas coupon programs that I like are Coups For Troops, Support Our Troops and The Overseas Coupon Project (OCP).   Both allow you to mail your coupons (expired and not expired) to them and they will do the rest.  But they do ask that you have your coupons clipped and sorted, to save time and energy, since they are volunteers and get tons of piles of coupons every day.

Quick Tips

  • clip and separate your coupons from food and non-food
  • label your bags/envelopes
  • food coupons are preferred the most, while baby coupons are second (diapers, wipes, formula etc.)
  • Do not send coupons that are about to expire within a month – allow for enough shipping time
  • Do not send store coupons like for Albertson’s or Safeway.  Only send regular manufacturer coupons and commissary coupons

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