Coupon 101 Crash Course: How to use coupons

Couponing 101 Crash Course


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  1. Jacque says

    Hi There,
    I’m tryingto keep track of the companies I e-mail and somewhere in between taht letter looking for coupons. Anyways do you know of any way or already made spread sheet I can keep track of the companies I contact?
    Thank you

  2. Kimberly B says

    I like the idea of coupon fairies – there are quite a few in the stores in my area and it’s helped me out a time or two. I always try to leave one if I have extra.

  3. C. McPheeters says

    I didn’t know that I was a “coupon fairy” but I guess that I am, since I always have more coupons than I really need for certain items, AND I tend to clip coupons for things that I “thought” that I wanted and then change my mind at the store, so I leave my extras and surplus in the section of the store that the items are in.
    Thanks for the good tips!

  4. Bobby Tarumi says

    Thanks for the coupon rundown. I especially learned from the section about identifying fake coupons.

  5. Angela Cash says

    Love the Coupon Fairy idea! I have often passed along coupons to other shoppers but have never thought to leave some on the shelf next to the product.

  6. Sharon Siqueiros says

    Thanks for the tips and the meanings of the abbreviations. I realize now there’s alot more to couponing than just stuffing them in my purse and using them when I REMEMBER they’re there hehehe

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